WashMail is a proactive, managed Email protection service, filtering 99% of spam and viruses out of the Email stream before they reach your network, eliminating the need to delete unwanted messages and reducing the risk of targeted and malicious attacks.  Saving you time and money.


WashMail is a cloud based anti spam solution working between the Internet and your mail server.  It quarantines malicious and unwanted messages before they can reach your network.

WashMail utilises Senderbase, the world’s largest Email and Web traffic monitoring system. With WashMail’s reputation filters 80% of unwanted Email is dropped at the connection level, before scanning. The remaining messages are scanned by WashMail’s anti spam solution, one of the industry’s most effective scanning engines. WashMail’s anti spam detects spam messages in any language from anywhere in the world.

WashMail’s virus outbreak filters identify emerging virus outbreaks and responds quickly, providing protection hours and even days before traditional virus signatures.